Graduate Engineering

Graduate Engineering

SIF100 Graduate Engineering

Project Manager: Scott Barker, School of Engineering and Applied Science

The purpose of this award is to increase the long-term School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) graduate student enrollment numbers and quality. Overarching goal is to matriculate 70 new & highly diverse engineering students over three years.

BoV Approved: December 2016

Project Dates: 2/16/2018 – 6/30/2021

Funding Awarded: $6,400,000

Executive Summary

The fundamental goal of this proposal is to increase the research productivity and reputation of UVA Engineering and to thereby achieve a top-thirty ranking in the next ten years. The strategy for accomplishing this goal is to grow and develop the graduate education mission of UVA Engineering. Through this award, the project team aims to bring in 70 new PhD students into UVA Engineering through a combination of one-year fellowships for PhD students matriculating into the program with a Master’s degree; and two-year fellowships for PhD students matriculating into the program with a Bachelor’s degree. All fellowships will be awarded based on merit and an applicant’s potential contribution to UVA Engineering’s core values: 1) Societal Impact, 2) Educating Engineering Leaders, 3) Innovation, 4) Excellence Through Diversity, which UVA Engineering defines as excellence expressing itself through every person’s perspectives and lived experiences, and 5) Collegiality.

Current Status: Active


This award has experienced moderate success to date, owing to a delay related to a change in Project Manager. The PAC conducted a full review of progress in November 2019, and is satisfied that the new Project Manager and team are positioned with a revised plan that is likely to succeed with additional time. While there was mild success reported in the recruitment of underrepresented minorities through the marketing efforts of this new fellowship program, the resounding success to date is the increase in female graduate student recruitment, up 59% over the previous two years.