Cornerstone Grant

Cornerstone Grant

SIF64 Cornerstone Grant

Project Manager: Steve Kimata, Student Financial Services

The purpose of this project is to provide financial aid for qualifying students.

BoV Approved: January 2017

Project Dates: 7/01/2017 – 6/30/2020

Total Funding: $13,500,000

Executive Summary

This award was an opportunistic investment identified by the UVA Board of Visitors. It was intended to provide tuition assistance to Virginians who qualified for need-based support.

Current Status: Completed


The PAC reviewed the final report for this award at their October 2020 meeting. Just under $700,000 of this award was distributed to students in the form of scholarships. It was determined that AccessUVA funds were covering most of the costs that would have been applied to this award. Per SIF policy, those funds were utilized first, and so most of this award was not needed and has been returned to the SIF. The funding was used as intended and students benefitted from the award. The project team successfully completed the goals.