At a Glance

The Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) provides funding to support key initiatives of the University of Virginia’s 2030 Plan. Originally developed in 2016, the SIF provides funding that currently supports 78 distinct awards totaling over $1B dollars since inception. Projects are selected for funding by University Executive Leadership to support the strategic plan.

A resoundingly successful component of the SIF program involves matching awards, including, in particular, the Bicentennial Scholars and the Bicentennial Professors Funds. More than half of the SIF funds awarded to date are being matched to varying degrees by philanthropic gifts, thereby increasing the return on investment.

The projects that are funded by the SIF undergo periodic post award assessment by the Post-Award Assessment Committee (PAC) to ensure programmatic due diligence and adherence to the highest standards of stewardship and fiduciary responsibility.

Supporting the vision for a great and good University

In 2019, the University's Board of Visitors approved a proposal that the Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) be used to fund the University’s 2030 strategic plan.

The 2030 strategic plan is built around four goals:

  1. Strengthen the foundation of the University by both attracting talented and diverse students, faculty and staff, and supporting them.
  2. Cultivate a vibrant community and build connections with our neighbors, alumni and more.
  3. Enable discoveries “that enrich and improve lives” by becoming an international leader, supporting interdisciplinary work, and “approaching all learning as an opportunity for discovery.
  4. Make UVA synonymous with service” by offering a great value to our students, providing affordable health care to our community and leading economic development.

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We should strive not simply to be great, but also to be good, recognizing that in the not-too-distant future, it will likely be impossible for a university to be truly great if it is not also good... We must begin building toward that future today—asking ourselves what truly matters in higher education and setting our sights on excelling in each and every one of those areas.
James E. Ryan, President, University of Virginia