SIF160 Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative

This award is a hiring package intended to establish a new institute at the University.

Project Manager: Christopher Barrett

BoV Approved: September 2018

Project Dates:  10/01/2018 – 9/30/2023

Funding Awarded: $30,000,000

Executive Summary

The Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative includes translational and commercial product development interests, with special interest in public health, clinical medicine, pervasive decision analytics, hybrid human-machine intelligence and advanced data analytics, and builds on several areas of existing academic strength at the University of Virginia.

The Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative will develop critically important complex problem-driven interdisciplinary research programs to help lead the university into its second hundred years of excellence and relevance. It is committed to, and well positioned by, this approach and organization to enhance UVA’s position in all of the areas suggested in the 2018 strategic assessment of Virginia's research assets report by Techonomy Consultants:

  • Cyber and Cyber-Physical Security
  • Integrated Networking
  • Communications, and Data Analytics
  • System of Systems (SoSE)
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Life Sciences


Current Status: Active


This award was formally reviewed by the PAC at its January 2020 meeting. The PAC was impressed by their productivity. BII has successfully transplanted to UVA. They have submitted $38M in research proposals, and have established their own institute infrastructure for proposal development and intellectual property management. They are planning to move into a new building. They have hired distinguished faculty, and currently employ 75 faculty, 26 staff, and 22 administrative staff.