Project Manager: Jim Wyckoff

Virginia Policy Partnerships Collaborative (VPPC): The purpose of this award is to build research infrastructure to expand partnerships with policymakers across Virginia.

Approved: Summer 2019

Project Dates: 12/01/2019 – 11/30/2022

Funding Awarded: $998,895

Executive Summary

Faculty at Batten and Curry school have been working on increasing collaboration and communication between researchers and policy makers, ensuring that policy makers have access to the important research in the field of education they need to make decisions that affect the lives of children and adults on the state and national level. The Virginia Policy Partnership Collaborative (VPPC) has already had success in engaging with public organizations that serve underserved populations. With their award, they plan to expand the VPPC to reach even more.

Current Status: Active


This award will be reviewed by the PAC at their December 2020 meeting.