McIntire Global Commerce

McIntire Global Commerce

SIF22 McIntire Global Commerce

Project Manager: Carl Zeithaml, McIntire School of Commerce

The purpose of this award was to provide support to McIntire for an Information Systems faculty hire and to launch the MS Global Commerce degree.

BoV Approved: September 2016

Project Dates: 10/19/2016 – 10/18/2017

Total Funding: $500,000

Executive Summary

This award was intended to help seed the McIntire Master of Science in Global Commerce program. The Global Commerce degree program aims to develop young managers' ability to manage complex business operations globally and move skillfully across multiple cultures. Students in this program have a unique experience living and studying as a cohort in three continents.

Current Status: Completed


This SIF award assisted in the launch of the program with a full class of 60 students. It facilitated the coordination of efforts among the three partner schools. Program retention and graduation rates were excellent at 98% (59 of 60 students). This award was delivered at a critical time to launch the program and plans for utilization of funds were precise and well executed.