Building on Success

Building on Success

SIF178 Building on Success

Project Manager: Ian Baucom

Approved: Spring 2021

This award is intended to extend the life of the following successful activities at UVA: Targets of Opportunity (ToPS), Cluster Hires, Environmental Resiliency Institute (ERI), and Global Infectious Diseases Institute (GIDI).

Project Dates: 7/1/2021 – 6/30/2026

Funding Awarded: $13,000,000

Executive Summary: 

The University committed support from the Strategic Investment Fund to support various initiatives to further previous initiatives and build on UVA's recent success. These include:

  • $11 million for faculty hiring through the  Cluster and Target of Opportunity (TOPs) faculty hiring programs
  • $2 million dollars to support two Pan-University Institutes, the Environmental Resilience lnstitute (ERI) and the Global Infectious Diseases Institute (GIDI).


Current Status: Active

Progress: Forthcoming