GC2 Digital Technology Core

GC2 Digital Technology Core

SIF199 Grand Challenge Research Investment Phase 2: Digital Technology Administration and Core

Project Manager: Fred Epstein and Laura Barnes

Approved: Fall 2023

Project Dates: 1/1/2024 – 12/31/2028

Total Funding: $5,500,000

Executive Summary

The Digital Technology Core (DTC) represents a strategic investment at UVA, aiming to establish an impactful research ecosystem supported by cutting-edge technology infrastructure, methods, and tools. Designed as a resource hub for faculty engaged in novel research involving digital technology, the DTC will address a critical need expressed by UVA faculty for enhanced resources, expertise, and infrastructure. Trained in diverse areas such as digital application design, cloud computing, and data science, the core personnel will be well-equipped to support the complexities of next-generation sensing, human-centered design, and wireless communication.

To support researchers comprehensively, the DTC will offer a range of services, including digital technology seed grants, training, networking opportunities, access to core tools at reduced costs, consultation services, and direct support. The DTC's role will extend beyond mere efficiency enhancement, as it anticipates and addresses challenging issues, such as IP/licensing/commercialization implications and the establishment of guidelines for in-house versus external tech development. Furthermore, the DTC will emphasize inclusivity by addressing barriers for non-technical individuals, providing approved digital technologies, cloud infrastructure, and dedicated staff support. Examples of enabling technologies arising from DTC initiatives include AI-enabled personalized interventions for social anxiety, wearable sensing frameworks for patient-clinician interactions, and digital tools for city emergency services coordination. The DTC will serve as a connector for investigators – introducing them to other services and units across Grounds that can help support their research initiatives. 

The Digital Technology Core represents a pivotal step towards centralizing and integrating digital technology services at UVA. By fostering accessibility, collaboration, and innovation, the core is poised to position UVA as a leader in groundbreaking research, enhancing the competitiveness of researchers for major proposals and contributing to the university's overall research excellence.

Current Status: Award in Progress