Small Patients

Small Patients

SIF111 Small Patients

Project Manager: Christine Kennedy, School of Nursing

Small Patients. Great Challenges. Transforming Clinical Scholarship-at the Cusp of the 21st Century: The purpose of this award is to invest in graduate programs and achieve Top 10 national rankings in both educational and research domains.

BoV Approved: June 2017

Project Dates: 7/12/2017 – 7/11/2021

Funding Awarded: $2,244,546

Executive Summary

This SIF award seeks to invest in transformative graduate programs and achieve Top 10 national rankings in both educational and research domains for the School of Nursing. This will be achieved beginning with the two newest graduate programs using four strategic approaches: 1) amplifying research in the degree programs to create clinical scholars; 2) offering scholarships to highly competitive students who currently are in a gap target area; 3) develop faculty depth in digital learning for the 21st century; and 4) create innovative collaborative teams of nursing scientists, clinicians and teaching faculty which will lead to higher productivity and success in an increasingly competitive external funding world. Success and lessons learned will aid implementation across the other five SON graduate specialties.

Current Status: Active


Since 2017 the Master’s degree program has moved up six spots and is now tied for #15 in the nation. The DNP program is tied for #17 (up 2 spots from #19), and the CNL program is now #1 in the country (it was #2 in 2017). The SIF award helped the SON faculty in increasing the School’s total research grant funding by an increase of 62.4% since award inception. Six students have received two-year scholarships over the first three years of the award. Timely for the current circumstances, the project team successfully converted targeted courses to a hybrid modality on schedule, and implemented robust training and resources for faculty development in digital teaching approaches and tools. This helped to provide a critical foundation for the rapid shift to online teaching in spring 2020. This award was formally reviewed most recently in June 2020 and was granted a one-year no-cost extension to complete the original program goals.