GSAS Matching Fellowships

GSAS Matching Fellowships

SIF193 GSAS Matching Fellowships

Project Manager: Mark Luellen

Approved: Spring 2023

Project Start Date: 2/1/2023

Total Funding: $16,000,000 ($9,071,103 repurposed funding from closed and modified SIF awards, $6,928,897 new funding).

Executive Summary: A $10 million pool of matching funds has been allocated by the Provost to The College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences to incentivize gifts of endowed graduate fellowships.  As with Bicentennial Professorships and Bicentennial Scholars Funds, we propose variable matching rates, based on the size and purpose of donors’ gifts.

Current Status: Active


  • Graduate Education Matching Fund Initiative created in October 2022 with $10 million in matching funds allocated. The signature program incentivizes gifts for endowed graduate fellowships at the College of Arts & Sciences.
  • $10 million pool of matching funds allocated in October 2022, and then an additional $6 million allocated in October 2023.
  • To date, aliumni, parent and friends of the University have committed approximately$13 million (in signed and verbal commitments) and have leveraged approximately$11 million in matching funds for a total impact of nearly $24 million in endowed graduate fellowships at the College of Arts & Sciences.
  • Total scholarship fund endowments established with funds pledged: 26