GC2 Clinical Data Warehouse

GC2 Clinical Data Warehouse

SIF197 Grand Challenge Research Investment Phase 2: Clinical Data Warehouse

Project Manager: Fred Epstein and Joe Mychaleckyj 

Approved: Fall 2023

Project Dates: 1/1/2024 – 12/31/2028

Total Funding: $3,000,000

Executive Summary

The future of biomedical research, clinical research and clinical practice is increasingly reliant on data-driven automation, patient data, and artificial intelligence. While global datasets may be available, local large datasets provide unique opportunities to study issues in our region.  To ensure that the University of Virginia remains at the forefront of this revolution, there is a pressing need to establish a cutting-edge Clinical Data Warehouse. This warehouse will not only provide UVA researchers with access to electronic health records and other clinical datasets but will also facilitate collaborative research efforts across schools within the University.

The envisioned Clinical Data Warehouse will serve as a centralized hub, offering streamlined self-service tools and interfaces for researchers to directly access critical data. This infrastructure will empower researchers to conduct studies in disease epidemiology, predictive analysis, and targeted clinical trial design. By leveraging local data, UVA researchers can address unique health needs within the community and accelerate the identification of eligible patients for multi-center clinical trials. Crucially, the establishment of this University-wide Clinical Data Warehouse represents a novel initiative for UVA. Its success hinges not only on the development of technical infrastructure but also on fostering a partnership between the UVA Health System and schools/units across Grounds. This collaboration will be vital for ensuring effective data governance and the successful delivery of project objectives.

Strategic investment funding is essential to kickstart this ambitious program and lay the groundwork for future enhancements and support. By investing in this initiative, UVA can solidify its position as a leader in biomedical and clinical research and clinical innovation while fostering interdisciplinary collaborations that drive meaningful advancements in healthcare.

Current Status: Award in Progress