GCRI-BN: Research Cores and Space

GCRI-BN: Research Cores and Space

SIF188B GCRI-BN: Grand Challenge Research Investment-Brain and Neuroscience. Research Cores and Space.

Project Manager: Frederick H. Epstein

BoV Approved: Summer 2022

Project Dates: 1/1/2023 – 12/31/2027

Total Funding: $8,500,000

Executive Summary

The Research Cores and Space will support ongoing initiatives and programs within the UVA Brain Institute. The Core will provide equipment, resources, and space to support the Brain Institute to optimize expertise and promote efficiency in research conduct across grounds.

Core facilities are led and operated by a director and are largely supported on a cost recovery basis through user fee assessments along with state equipment funding and external grants. However, even with these fund sources most cores require institutional subsidies to operate successfully ongoing. This is a strategic investment, and the business plan will be developed, executed, and modified as conditions change, and new data and insights become available.

Current Status: Active