NoVA Academic/Research Opportunities

NoVA Academic/Research Opportunities

SIF179 NoVA Academic/Research Opportunities

Project Manager: Greg Fairchild

Approved: Summer 2021

The purpose of this award is to expand UVA’s academic programming and research impact in the Northern Virginia area.

Project Dates: 1/1/2022 – 12/31/2024

Funding Awarded: $10,368,354

Executive Summary:

The expansion of a UVA | Northern Virginia presence is featured in UVA’s 2030 Plan as Key Initiative #10, Broadening Our Horizons. This initiative will be symbiotic between UVA and the Northern Virginia metropolitan area, which includes Washington, DC, and Maryland. As stated in the 2030 Plan, UVA | Northern Virginia “provides a significant opportunity to increase our impact by growing our research footprint, reaching more learners, and developing new partnerships.” Further, UVA | Northern Virginia will offer academic programming that meets the learning and skill-building needs of professionals in the Northern Virginia region, including technology, government, policy, education, and engineering. Programming will feature all learning modalities – in-person, online, and hybrid instruction – and engage in a One and All UVA ethos, which emphasizes UVA as a university with presence in Northern Virginia but also underscores the uniqueness of each entity at UVA.  Programming will include a range of educational programs – professional master’s degrees, executive education programs, and certificate programs – with direct integration of global private and public sector leaders as well as individual learners (with an emphasis on UVA alums).